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The Brush Collection

The Brush Collection


THE ICONS: 24 REVOLUTIONARY BRUSHES This exclusive 24-brush collection set features iconic handcrafted brushes that launched the Claudio Riaz collection and brought instant professional-level makeup application to women nationwide. Housed in a luxurious, leatherette carrying case with a classic tie-closure, the masterful set creates a multitude of looks with a flawless and polished finish. The Collection Set Includes: Powder; Foundation (Patent No. D571559); Face Contour; Instant Arch; Instant Smoke (Patent No. D572010); Instant Lid; Instant Shadows; Primer; Instant Contour; Conceal (Patent No. D571559); Instant Brow (Patent No. D625522); Instant Liner; Powder Liner; Angle Foundation; Cream Blush; Blender Shadow; Line Blender; Shade; Angle Gel Liner; Dramatic Crease; Lip Contour (Patent No. D571559); Contour Liquid Liner; Double Blush; Brow/Comb

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