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Brow Laminate

Brow Laminate





Integrated Features and Benefits: 

Durability: With water-resistant and long-wearing features, this product ensures that the brows maintain their shape and appearance regardless of environmental conditions.

Skin-Friendly: The inclusion of hyaluronic acid, aloe, chamomile, and arnica offers hydration, soothing, and anti-inflammatory benefits, making this product gentle on the skin.

Safe and Ethical: Being paraben-free addresses health concerns associated with such chemicals, and its vegan formulation ensures no animal-derived ingredients are used, catering to ethical considerations.

Enhanced Appearance: The formulation is designed to provide a polished look that enhances the natural beauty of the brows. The potential inclusion of iron oxides and titanium dioxide offers pigmentation flexibility, allowing for a match with various skin tones and hair colors.


Combining all the ingredients to highlight the comprehensive features and benefits for the brow laminate product. 



Water-Resistant: This ensures that the brow laminate can withstand moisture, such as sweat or rain, keeping your brows in shape and color intact throughout the day.

Long-Wearing: Designed to last all day, reducing the need for touch-ups, which is ideal for busy schedules.

Paraben-Free: Avoids the use of parabens, making it a healthier choice for those concerned about the potential adverse effects of such preservatives.

Vegan: Free from animal-derived ingredients, catering to those who prioritize ethical and cruelty-free beauty products.


Ingredient-Specific Benefits: 

Cyclopentasiloxane & Cyclohexasiloxane: These silicones offer a smooth application and create a flexible film that adheres to the brows, enhancing durability and water resistance.

Isododecane: Contributes to the long-wearing feature, ensuring the product stays put without smudging.

Hyaluronic Acid: Known for its hydrating properties, it helps to keep the skin under the brows moisturized, contributing to a healthier brow area.

Aloe, Chamomile, and Arnica Extracts: These botanicals offer soothing, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties, making the product gentle on the skin, and especially beneficial for sensitive skin types.

Trimethylsiloxysilicate & Silica Dimethyl Silylate: These ingredients contribute to the product's texture, providing a solid yet flexible hold that shapes and sets brows without stiffness.

Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2: Acts as a skin-conditioning agent, providing softness and hydration to the skin beneath the brows.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E): Serves as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from environmental stressors.

Caprylyl Glycol & Ethylhexylglycerin: These ingredients function as skin conditioning agents that also provide antimicrobial benefits, ensuring the product remains safe for use over time.

Iron Oxides & Titanium Dioxide: Offer pigmentation that can match a wide range of brow colors, enhancing the natural look of the brows.

Bismuth Oxychloride: Provides a pearlescent effect, adding subtle sheen and dimension to the brows. Combined Benefits: - The formulation's blend of silicones and long-wear components ensures that your brow style is maintained under various conditions, from daily activities to special events.


The inclusion of hydrating and soothing botanicals, along with hyaluronic acid, ensures that while styling, the product also cares for the skin, promoting a healthy brow area.


Being paraben-free and vegan, it addresses the growing demand for beauty products that are both health-conscious and ethically made.


The comprehensive approach to ingredients ensures not only a lasting and aesthetic enhancement of the brows but also supports skin health and ethical beauty standards.