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Mini Brush Set

Mini Brush Set


POWERFUL MINIS: 13 ON-THE-GO BRUSHES The compact leatherette carrying case with a classic tie-closure houses 13 handcrafted brushes with handles that are just half the length but still easy to hold. The Brush tips are still fully sized to fulfill all necessary functionalities, plus more, to create a wide range of perfect finishes even on-the-go. Perfect for weekend trips and your daily office tote. The Mini Brush Set Includes: Powder; Foundation (Patent No. D571559); Face Contour; Instant Arch; Instant Smoke (Patent No. D572010); Instant Lid; Instant Shadows; Primer; Instant Contour; Conceal (Patent No. D571559); Instant Brow (Patent No. D625522); Instant Liner; Powder Liner

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