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Double Sided Brush Set

Double Sided Brush Set


DUAL PERFECTION: THE 16 ESSENTIAL BRUSHES The Double-sided Brush Set is composed of Claudio Riaz’s iconic essential brushes for creating that celebrity-perfect finish in an instant. The ingenious double sided brushes include 16 brush heads on 8 full length handles for an easy, full control application that still fits into a slender leatherette carrying case. Perfect for keeping all the essentials handy to look naturally polished every moment of the day or night, anywhere you land. Double Sided Brush Collection Set includes: Instant Brow (Patent No. D625522) / Primer; Foundation (Patent No. D571559) / Conceal (Patent No. D571559); Line Blender / Instant Contour; Instant Smoke (Patent No. D572010) / Instant Shadows; Instant Arch / Instant Lid; Dramatic Crease / Blender Shadow; Double Blush; Instant Liner / Powder Liner

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